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Love By Remote Control

Many sex toys can now be controlled by remote control. Here at the Better Sex offices we invited a panel of escorts to share their knowledge of sex including remote control sex toys.

Our panel of three escorts from are all in long distance relations like so many other escorts. Love by remote control, or Sexy Apps, can be a great help in long distances relationship. Our three escorts have tested remote control versions of three of the most commonly used sex toys, and they have found them to be pretty good.

All three toys come with their own App which you can download onto your phone, and the Apps feature easy to use controls. There is even an App for sex addicts who only use iPhone the escorts point out, and Suzi, one of the girls, says it works really well for her and her partner.

Escorts have a lot of experience in the use of various sex toys, and this is the reason why we decided to let a panel of three escorts do all our testing for us.

Love By Remote Control

“Sex should be fun and enjoyable” says India one of the escorts who decided to come on board our Sex Toy Panel. We often forget to play with each other and have some fun at the same time. India also points out that we seldom remember to enjoy each other pleasures, and helping your partner to orgasm, should be an enjoyable experience for you as well.

Blue Tooth Vibrators

Blue tooth vibrators are now very popular, and many can now come with Apps. The Apps provided with these vibrator are very user friendly, and some even have play time alert. That means that both parties download the App, and you can set a time for play time. This is a great function especially when you are in different time zones.

Control is easy, and the majority of Apps can be operated from any Android phone. They are very discreet so your friends may not necessary have to know what you are doing, and you can switch off the screen on the other end.

Touch Gloves

There are different versions of touch gloves on the market but one of the most popular ones is Dangerous Lily. It comes with its own App as well, and is a highly sensitive glove which can be used to explore parts of the body.

The sensitivity can be increased or decreased by remote control so your long distance partner can control the level of pleasure or sensation. The escorts gave the Dangerous Lily glove a really high score, and they had all enjoyed using it.

Apps for Cock Rings

Now for the first time there are long distance Apps for the boys as well. Cock rings have finally gone wireless so now your girlfriend can control your pleasure from a keyboard or phone. Many of escorts have given remote control cock rings to their partner, and they all seemed to be enjoying them.

Technology has changed the way we both view and have sex. It really makes you wonder if our sex lives will become even more remotely controlled in the future. Finally, the day has come when you can call your partner and say ” I really need to come, can you help me.”