I have always wanted to be someone’s mistress…

Just like other young girls I had certain dreams when I was younger. Young girls often dream of becoming princesses, but I was different from most other girls. Instead of wanting to become a princess and meet Prince Charming, I wanted to be someone’s mistress instead. As I got older, I did mention it to a couple of girlfriends. Then I went off and joined http://www.westmidlandescorts.com. I thought that might make the best half way house in between being a mistress and an escort.


When I had been with West Midland escorts for about two years, I ended up meeting this wonderful man. It was on a date with my London escort agency. He was very charming and I felt comfortable around him. Most of my dates come around to see me perhaps once a week or once a fortnight, but these men was keen to see me more often. Unlike so many of my other dates, he made sure that he impressed me a little. He took me to some amazing restaurants in London, and we had lovely days out.


It was during one our evenings out in a top restaurant in London, he popped the question. No, he did not ask me to marry him. Instead he asked me to leave West Midland escorts and become hos full time mistress. He explained that his relationship with his wife had broken down completely. In fact, he wanted to divorce her, but he would lose a lot of money and he was not prepared to do that. It felt strange. Was I finally about to become a mistress to a rich man? Something that I had wanted to experience for many years.


About four weeks later, I had another chat with him. Yes, I could actually afford to leave West Midland escorts and become his full time mistress, but I wanted to make sure that I had an income. I did not tell him that I had my own flat that I would rent out. Instead I pleaded poverty and he seemed happy to help. He promised me my own credit card which would be paid by him, and he would arrange for me to have a luxury flat looking out over the Thames. I would also get a monthly salary and I would be allowed to do whatever I wanted with that.


We are now about two years into our secret lover’s arrangements. I am still together with my man, and things are going fine. We have even been on holiday together a couple of times, and in general, I am doing well out of our arrangements. He is a nice man, and I do have what I call plenty of space in our relationship. I don’t work for West Midland escorts anymore but I do pop in to see the girls from time to time. Is this something I want to do for the rest of my life? I don’t know, but he has promised to sign the flat over to me if I stick around for another year. Honestly, I think that I can do that, and I am sure that I will enjoy myself in the meantime.